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Benefits: Owners / Investors in Commercial Property Real Estate

How will work for you?

As a property owner or investor, you have invested countless resources to secure viable tenants. You spent months searching the market for the right property to invest. By becoming a member on, you can now search for active tenants that are interested in your property. Or, if you are ready to invest again, list your buying need and requirement confidentially and anonymously on to allow sellers to contact you with potential off market opportunities.

  • Stay current on all Tenant & Buyer Needs
  • Find Off-Market Opportunities
  • Needs are always available and searchable, unlike email
  • Quick notification of responses
  • Respond to a Need quickly and clearly
  • Receive Feedback on submitted responses, find out if your price matches market expectations
  • Get Notified when a new need matches your property vacancy
  • Confidentially and anonymously list your purchase requirements and needs
  • Clearly define your acquisition criteria
  • List your acquisition needs across multiple states and cities
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